Top Graco and PMC Spray Foam Equipment

Top Graco and PMC Spray Foam Equipment

The spray foam industry is competitive, and companies constantly upgrade their SPF products. Alongside more advanced spray foam parts and accessories, spray foam machines have undergone rigorous overhauls. Leading manufacturers such as Graco and PMC have listened to user feedback, automated features, and enhanced communication between the operator and machine to create easier spray foam equipment for contractors to maintain and use.

If you’re thinking about what’s coming in 2022, here are three of the best spray foam machines for purchase at The Graco and PMC from ArmorThane.

Graco Reactor 3 Series

In March 2022, in March 2022, the spray foam world was given the complete overhaul required to offer contractors the most modern technology needed to reduce time and the chance of errors. Utilizing feedback from the Reactor two series, Graco introduced the Reactor 3 series, based on feedback from the Reactor 3 series, a modernized range consisting of spray foam machines that communicate seamlessly from gun to drum.

The Reactor 3 series are simpler to operate and has automatic features controlled by the brand-new Katalyst technology, which can monitor pressure, material levels, material ratio, and power surges. Other things.

Reactor 3 series currently includes the Reactor 3 collection comprises models like the Reactor 3 E-20, Reactor 3 E-30, Reactor 3 E-XP1 and Reactor 3 E-XP2, and Reactor 3 EXP2. The models are available in three levels: standard, pro, and elite. Each stage offers more amenities. Here are the enhancements which make Reactor 3 an excellent “next stage” upgrade.

  • A new touchscreen interface that monitors and controls numerous functions via Katalyst.
  • Lighter, independently controlled Xcelerator heated hoses can be heated as much as 40% more quickly.
  • Refreshed, silently operating core electric transfer pumps directly communicate to Reactor 3 spray foam machines. Reactor 3 spray foam machine and produce the most precise mix.
  • The system connects to Reactor Connect, an app that provides information to users and allows them to control it remotely.
  • A more compact design allows an easier fit into it. Spray foam equipment.

Don’t overlook this self-monitoring device that allows you to control and manage from any place via a smartphone. If you’ve been searching for a spray foam machine for sale which will save you time and minimize mistakes, This is the right upgrade you need.


PMC, sometimes referred to as Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, has gained a name for its top-quality spray foam machines at a reasonably priced price and features minimal maintenance, a long-lasting guarantee, and top quality. When using PMC tools, companies can get better ROI, which translates into an increase in profit in the final month.

PMC is also at the top of the contractors’ list because the spray foam machines are efficient and user-friendly. This is demonstrated by the new PH/PHX-2 line of proportioners designed for spray foam and coatings. The latest model of “smart” SPF machines offers the highest performance and quality that contractors require at a competitive cost and with more advancements.

The PH-2 proportioner is among the most advanced technologically advanced spray foam machines available from PMC. This well-known low-pressure SPF machine can spray up to 28lbs. of foam per minute and 1.7 GPM coatings with a maximum pressure of 220 PSI. It’s also created to minimize or eliminate mistakes that can cause delays on the job.

  • Automatic Shut Down CounterThis will stop the spray foam machine from working in a drum empty and prevents cavitation, off ratio materials, and even downtime. The operator can adjust the counter to meet their requirements.
  • Pressure Balance ControlA standard feature of all PH machines, It will shut down the unit immediately when it detects any imbalances in pressure.

If you require an ultra-high-pressure spray foam machine from the same generation, look into the PHX-2 family. If you are looking for an ultra-low-pressure PMC machine with software for data capture and hardware that permits users to collect job-specific data, The Ph.D./PHDX-2 series is the right choice.

Graco Reactor 2

If you find that a spray foam machine is a “previous generation” model, that does not mean it’s “old news.” The Graco Reactor 2 series is a sophisticated spray foam system that many contractors choose over other models and brands. Popular models like Reactor 2 E-20 and the Reactor 2-30 come with various cutting-edge features that contractors require, like Graco’s exclusive InSite technology, which allows operators to manage and plan the progress of a project remotely and via the interface of the machine.

With the Graco Reactor 2, you get more control and less time, thanks to surge protection, a more efficient circuit design, and other automated features. Each machine in this line of electronic spray foam machines runs as effortlessly as a hydraulic system and has earned an impressive reputation. It is on our top three list, even though it was launched a few years ago.

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Spray Foam Machines for sale at ArmorThane

ArmorThane is one of the top suppliers of spray foam equipment. We stock a variety of Graco and PMC machines and are always looking for the latest innovations within the industry.

We invite you to contact our team to find out the details of Graco or PMC spray foam machines available for purchase, spray foam parts, and customized spray foam rigs.

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