Bidding Better: How To Correctly Bid Spray Foam Insulation Jobs

Bidding Better: How To Correctly Bid Spray Foam Insulation Jobs

Bidding Better | SES Spray Foam Insulation

Beginning a spray foam insulation business has its share of dangers, particularly when you’re simply starting. Excellent details are critical when asked to bid on a spray foam job, not only to you however to your clients also. Good management of labor and product expenses is the primary step to providing a sound bid to develop into a rewarding payday.

Know, Price, Track

Gain a good understanding of your market and your rivals. Think about calling and asking the charge rate per square foot to compare the market value range and be competitively priced.

Know your exact square video footage. Thoroughly determine the surfaces to calculate overall square video footage and determine the price and quantity of product needed to finish the job.

Compute. COST = Your rate per board foot x density (per regional building regulations or wanted by the customer) x square video (walls, ceilings, etc.).

Bidding Large Jobs: Avoid the temptation to offer a volume discount rate. Bigger tasks suggest more things that can go wrong, including weather, temperature changes, scheduling of other contractors, etc. Security and equipment accessibility can also play an element. Keep these things in mind when thinking about bidding bigger tasks and make certain to consist of a markup of 20-30% above the base rate to conquer these possible pitfalls.

Track Your Results: Data Tracking and collection systems are a great method to identify material use and labor expenses for each job with your spray foam rig. This info can then be used to confidently bid jobs based upon past product use and labor to complete similar-sized jobs.

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