Is Spray Foam Insulation Good For Soundproofing?

Is Spray Foam Insulation Good For Soundproofing?

The world can be loud and obnoxious. Thankfully Spray foam insulation is a great way to reduce noise and sound from your commercial buildings, warehouses, restaurants, or office.

Are you surprised? 

Spray-on foam treatments are excellent for sound control. They have the same properties that make them such great air barriers, i.e., they act as insulators for cold and heat. These sound control solutions will keep noise at bay and increase energy efficiency, structural support and overall building comfort.


Spray foam soundproofing

Spray-On Foam and Coatings insulation offer the following spray foam insulation options to soundproof your home. These products can be used to make interior walls soundproof with high STC ratings. It doesn’t matter how loud the sounds are, they won’t penetrate walls, ceilings, or other dividers.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about open-cell spray foam‘s ability to sound absorbers, sound barriers, inhibit sound waves, reduce sound noise, or act as sound-deadening treatment. We are happy to discuss with you a noise reduction plan and help you determine the best insulation products for you.

K-13 Application Video in Office Building - ArmorThane ArmorFoam

K-13 Acoustical and Thermal Insulation

This insulation is made from spray foam that has been chemically treated with natural fibers. This insulation is resistant to fire, mildew, and mold. The adhesive is patented and can be applied easily. It creates a carpet-like texture. This insulation is often used in gyms and parking garages.


Acoustical Treatment “FC”
Sprays that are made up of fibers and adhesive are used for this treatment. The thickness can vary from 1/2″ to 1″. It is one of the best methods for sound absorption. Spray foam can be used in many areas, and on different types of projects, including those with different surfaces. It can also reach places where stretch fabrics or panels are not possible. Spray foam is easy to adapt to any surface, so you’ll often see it used in vaults and corrugated decks or domes that require soundproofing.

Ure-K: 15 Minute Thermal Barrier - ArmorThane ArmorFoam

This type of sound insulation is also known as a thermal barrier. It can be used over foam in commercial buildings. It can be used as a protective coating on top of the foam in new construction projects. National code bodies and insurance companies have approved this product. Spray foam can be used to fill in cracks and crevices in walls to improve sound control.

ArmorFoam - Spray Foam Insulation - Foam Barrels

ArnmorThane’s ArmorFoam 2.0

ArmorFoam 2.0, a closed-cell, liquid spray-applied, low density, all-water blown, rigid, polyurethane insulation foam, is made up of two components. It has superior insulation properties than other insulation materials and is flame retardant to the highest standards. ArmorFoam’s quick response time makes it easy to use and allows for fast completion of difficult jobs.
ArmorFoam 2.0 closed-cell polyurethane foam has a high R value and reduces moisture and air infiltration. ArmorFoam 2.0 improves structural integrity and extends the life of structures. The product prevents vapor drive problems such as mold and mildew growth. ArmorFoam 2.0 expands upon application to increase performance by sealing the building envelope. Up to 200oF (94oC) will not cause steel corrosion by cured foam.

Contact us today to learn more about sound control and how we can help you get it started. We can assist with sound dampening, sound transmission prevention through layers of drywall, and many other things.

We are looking forward to speaking with you about your options! Feel free to message us with questions or contact ArmorThane, the world leader in spray foam insulation to find out how you can become a professional spray foam applicator.

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